Esther Johnson

The View From My Window Tells Me I’m Home

As part of this year’s Open House, EXHIBIT will show a film by Esther Johnson entitled The View From My Window Tells Me I’m Home. Read on ›

Sally Reilly

Thirty-Fourth Exhibition

Sally Reilly is an Irish potter, trained in Paris in a Japanese tradition, now living and working in the UK and France. Fascinated as a child by seeing pots Read on ›

Katy Binks

Thirty-Third Exhibition

As part of EXHIBIT gallery’s ongoing White Walls Project, NO WAY is pleased to present ‘All Those Things That Make My Eyes Blink’ Read on ›


Thirty-Second Exhibition

Thames is a series of photographic prints created by artist and photographer, Noel McLaughlin. Read on ›


Thirty-First Exhibition

Blowawish is the creation of Arianna Russo and was conceived as a space without boundaries where conceptual investigations Read on ›

Leonie Lachlan

Thirtieth Exhibition

As the first White Walls Project curated by EXHIBIT Gallery, NO WAY is pleased to present PLAN, a solo exhibition by British artist, Leonie Lachlan. Read on ›

People and Moments

Twenty-Ninth Exhibition

As part of the World Photography Festival’s London wide project ‘The Bigger Picture’, EXHIBIT is proud to bring together two special photographers into one show. Read on ›


Twenty-Eighth Exhibition

Golden Lane Jewellery is an exhibition created with students on the Jewellery making course at City of London Community Education Centre (COLCEC). Read on ›

Noel Mclaughlin

Twenty-Seventh Exhibtion

Landscapes 2008 – 2011 by Australian artist, Noel Mclaughlin, draws together a body of work united by its use of colour, compression and an impenetrability that refuses easy resolution. Read on ›


Twenty-Sixth Exhibition

Golden Oldies II is a continuation of the project, Golden Oldies, initiated by EXHIBIT and Patricia Niven in 2009, celebrating long-term residents of the Golden Lane Estate. Read on ›


Twenty-Fifth Exhibition

Fireweed (rosebay willow herb/epilobium angustifolium), a plant that grew on the bomb site that became Golden Lane Estate, it is known as a flower that grows easily on earth that has been burnt. Read on ›


Twenty-Fourth Exhibition

Societea II – Tea, Time & Interiors is an installation featuring a series of drawings and photographic montages by British artist, Camilla Brueton, to examine the relationship between people and architecture. Read on ›


Twenty-Third Exhibition

Though one may interpret Klitsa Antoniou’s work as an elegiac journey through loss and trauma, in the exhibition Tall Tales Lovely Landmarks, Antoniou engages on a philosophical and aesthetic level Read on ›


Twenty-Second Exhibition

Resident artist, Katharina Lackner, invites everyone to momentarily alter the open space of Golden Lane Estate in an attempt to awaken a kind of poetic anarchy sleeping in all of us. Read on ›


Twenty-First Exhibtion

Emerging from the destruction of post war England, there was a chance to begin again. Read on ›


Twentieth Exhibition

“A concern for a contained image, one in which all the elements are balanced, means that my photographs are not straight documentary reflections.” Read on ›


Ninteenth Exhibition

Things as they ought to be showcases a series of paintings and one in-progress installation by British artist, Anthony McCorry. Read on ›


Eighteenth Exhibition

Less than a decade and a half after the end of the Second World War, the renowned Golden Lane Estate opened its doors to its first excited residents. Read on ›


Seventeenth Exhibition

Ring of Gold is a video installation by British artist, Kathryn Faulkner, capturing the very moment during the Summer Market Day at Golden Lane Estate on 6 June 2009. Read on ›


Sixteenth Exhibition

This summer, local residents and the public are welcome to linger and contemplate their future vision of the super estate. Read on ›


Fifteenth Exhibition

“The kind of alienation to which a truly generalized approach could lead is well exemplified by the writings of some of the fathers of the modern movement – particularly on housing.” Read on ›


Fourteenth Exhibition

“I spent my whole youth building imaginary universes with children’s building blocks”. Said James Johnson-Perkins. Read on ›


Thirteenth Exhibition

The Desire of Impermanence is an installation featuring new drawings and tapestry by British artist Peter Ibruegger. Read on ›


Twelfth Exhibition

Golden Lane Record is an on-going project to create an archive of Golden Lane Estate for the future. Read on ›


Eleventh Exhibition

EXHIBIT is delighted to present the London debut of Chinese artist Lam Tung-Pang, “Cities Project: Where is my mum?”. Read on ›


Tenth Exhibition

Earthly Remains is a manifesto of the fragility of nature and wildlife, created by British Artist, Liz Davis. Read on ›


Ninth Exhibtion

EXHIBIT presents “The Moonlight Rooms”, a photographic installation and the debut solo exhibition of British artist, Joss Mckinley. Read on ›


Eighth Exhibition

‘Proliferation’ is a manifesto of the intricacy of life by two Japanese ceramicists, Ikuko Iwamoto and Michi Suzuki. Read on ›


Seventh Exhibtion

EXHIBIT is proud to present “The Tomb of Esteban Dorado” by Danny Sangra. Read on ›


Sixth Exhibition

Collections are material autobiography, written as we go along and left behind us as our monument.” (Material Identities, Susan M Pearce, On Collecting). Read on ›


Fifth Exhibtion

EXHIBIT is proud to present the debut photographic installation by British artist, Roger Coleman. Read on ›


Fourth Exhibition

Golden Lane Celebration showcases new works by three distinctive designers during the London Design Festival 2006, and celebrate the formation of the estate’s Residents Tree and Garden Group. Read on ›


Third Exhibition

As a partner event of the London Architecture Biennale 2006, Golden Lane Stories is an exhibition showcasing works by a group of Design Product students from the Royal College of Art in collaboration with the Golden Lane Estate residents. Read on ›


Second Exhibition

Quilts Never Sleep is an installation featuring the latest paintings and textile work by British artist, Liz Davies; alongside video installation by Dan Canyon in the basement Read on ›


First Exhibition

For EXHIBIT’s inaugural exhibition, the gallery has turned into an eye-popping installation by Hong Kong artist, anothermountainman Read on ›